Sunday, 22 November 2009

Today's Game

Hi, you know when you chill out, when I do manage to have time to chill out, I usually play games on the internet. Today,when I had time I played a game called Climate Chaos, on free web arcade, which is where you play a little blue Rabbit, and you walk around an island, and try to get all the weather symbols. But of course, I got stuck on another Island with a Tribe who were not very happy with me and they would not let  me cross the sea. It was pretty hard. ( I had to come off it before I finished it). I thought it was a REALLY good game!

Rowan's rating: 10!


  1. I might be a blue rabbit. I probably am not, as I think that would make typing a bit tricky.
    I'd have to use a carrot to poke the keys.

  2. Actually, you'd probably eat the carrot.