Friday, 20 June 2014

Yay drawing time!

I made a new drawing. Take a look!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Iiiiiiiit's kitty weekly update time!

My cat has decided that he is a human and must sit at the table. This of course gives him the opportunity to get at our breakfast. This has adverse effects, considering that he is already very fat. we'll make sure that he sits at the empty space next time.

Friday, 6 September 2013


I had a sleepover, it was very fun.

We had silly board games that started okay but then got very silly. We made pizzas after that, Which were great fun to make although I think we might have used a bit too much chilli as the pizzas were quite hot. They were still very tasty though. Then we cleared up and made hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows and we drunk them while watching films. It was very late by the time we actually got into bed, and even later when we actually fell asleep.

Here is a list of:

eight things to do on a sleepover!

1. Have fun
2. Make up your own rules
3. Have a theme such as a pyjama party, or a film night, or a makeover night or even a banana party.
4. Get involved with making tasty things
5. Have a variety of toppings on all your food
6. Forget about bedtime
7. The more the merrier
8. Party!!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kilve court

A few weeks ago,
I went to a place in Somerset called Kilve Court. Kilve Court basically runs several extra-curricular courses that people can go to. I went to a writing course and I got to write a story. Kilve Court is a really excellent place with everything you need and there's always plenty of people there so there's always someone that you are bound to make friends with. I had a really great time and I absolutely loved it. I will now say little about the course I went on. On the first day, we did a tasting session and we had to close our eyes and taste it, and we had to try to guess why it was. Then we wrote down what it tasted like, felt like and smelt like. After that we told a ghost story which was cool. The next day we went to some gardens nearby to Kilve Court and we explored them and tried to think of different settings for our stories. In the afternoon of that day, we started to make drafts of our stories. We got to sit in the sun and blow bubbles to help us think. Bubbles are very important for thinking. The next day we started writing our stories for real. later on that day we presented our stories and told our parents what we had done over the past few days as a presentation. It was really good.

thanks Kilve Court!
and an extra special thanks to Beth, my course instructor, who was brilliant!

Friday, 21 June 2013

Kitty weekly update!

My cat has a magic bowl.
Or at least he thinks he has. He is continually going to his bowl to see if it has refilled. Just in case it really is magic and really does refill magically. Mind you, mostly it is just us refilling it and putting in down secretly and hoping that he won't notice. Like that'll happen.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Kitty weekly update!

My cat is black.
He is also white.
This has led me to believe that he is a white cat who is trying to be a black cat. Not particularly successfully. Either this, or he is wearing a jacket. I think he is in the cat's posh club, which is only for posh cats, and so he has decided to wear a jacket. I think that he has decided that the jacket he was wearing was so amazing, and so he is going to keep wearing it.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Kitty weekly update!

My cat is an explorer.
He likes to go out about three hundred times a day, just at the exact moment when you don't want him to, but then I suppose this is what a lot of cats do. Sometimes I wonder where he has got to, but fortunately, I do have a friend who keeps tabs on him whenever he is out and about. I think that whenever he is out he turns into a panther and runs wild, but I think there could be a flaw in this plan, which is that he is a bit of a scaredy cat. Oh well, I just don't tell him that.