Thursday, 2 August 2012

Minecraft update!

hey hey!  more Minecraft  for today.

Did you know that Minecraft has been updated recently? Well it has, and i'm going to tell you more about the cool stuff that this update can do. The first one is, you can trade with villagers! This means that you don't always have to make or get your own food all the time. The Minecraft crew have introduced emeralds! You can only get these green sparkly gems by finding emerald blocks on extreme hill biomes, or by trading with villagers. They have introduced... wait for it... ADVENTURE MODE! This cool thing can only be accessed by pressing T and typing /gamemode adventure in the little box that appears at the bottom of the screen. ( you can also have /gamemode survival and /gamemode creative) This works best when you download a Minecraft map from the internet. The special thing about adventure mode is that you can't destroy or place blocks when you are in adventure mode. This is so you don't do something strange to the map. ( Course, you can always change mode, but that would be cheating!)

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