Saturday, 5 January 2013

House hippo is back!

Hey! Now some of you may not remember this, but a while back, I did a really random story about a house hippo. Well, here is the sequel.

The small winged house hippo named something that is far to long to be pronounced properly was walking under the table in the world which he knew as the living room. He had learnt a lot from the land of kitchen, which was mostly don't let yourself be seen by the giants, because they tried to put you in bins. Anyway,as he was walking along, he heard something. It sounded a bit like a car engine on a frosty day. Except it was a lot closer, and it belonged to a large orange stripy cushion. Suddenly, the cushion got up and turned out to be a large orange stripy cat. Which was bad news for the hippo. AHHHHHHH! He screamed, as he was chased all the way around the house. Which included the roof. AAAAAH KTHUD BANG DONIK BONG tinkle. Was more accurate for what happened on the roof. The cat was now holding him in it's paw. Do not be afraid. I shall not hurt you. Why did you run away in the first place? Asked the cat
Well, you did look like you were about to eat me...  Said the hippo
I only eat mice. Ooh look, there's one now!
Eek! don't hurt me please!
Relax, do not be afraid...
So he does that to everyone does he? Well, i'm off. It's too draughty up here on the roof. Now how do I get down?

This will be continued later. When I get round to it.

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