Sunday, 17 March 2013


It's strange to think that there are so many different genres and types of books out there.
Things like sci-fi, adventure, romance and so on. Then there is fiction and non-fiction. I like fiction books more than non-fiction, but I do read non-fiction. I also like adventure and sci-fi, or books to do with animals.

If you feel like leaving a comment, would you mind saying what genres you like and wether you prefer fiction or non-fiction? I'm just interested, it's not for anything.


  1. I like fiction as well. I'm very interested in some of the contemporary fiction that goes outside these traditional genres, like China Mieville's 'Kraken' or Erin Morgenstein's 'Night Circus.'

  2. You have an awesome blog and so I will answer your question. Fiction, mystery and depressing things or non-fiction about physcology.