Friday, 6 September 2013


I had a sleepover, it was very fun.

We had silly board games that started okay but then got very silly. We made pizzas after that, Which were great fun to make although I think we might have used a bit too much chilli as the pizzas were quite hot. They were still very tasty though. Then we cleared up and made hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows and we drunk them while watching films. It was very late by the time we actually got into bed, and even later when we actually fell asleep.

Here is a list of:

eight things to do on a sleepover!

1. Have fun
2. Make up your own rules
3. Have a theme such as a pyjama party, or a film night, or a makeover night or even a banana party.
4. Get involved with making tasty things
5. Have a variety of toppings on all your food
6. Forget about bedtime
7. The more the merrier
8. Party!!

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