Sunday, 11 November 2012

The giant's perspective

This is the story of the giant's perspective about the tiny hippo named Thingy.

Ellie, for that was the giant's name, had been sent into the kitchen to get some plates for the dinner table. But instead, what she saw was not a neat pile of plates on the kitchen worktop, but a small hippo, running away from her. It landed in the cutlery drawer. She walked over to the drawer, stuck her hand in and pulled it out holding a small hippo. She marched over to the bin, intending to put the small hippo into the bin. But as she was about to drop the hippo into the bin, her mother called. Apparently the plates were already on the table and tea was ready. She put the hippo on the worktop and went off to have some tea.

What she didn't know, that by the time she had finished her tea, that the tiny hippo had lowered itself off the kitchen worktop, and was sitting underneath her chair at the table.

I hope you enjoyed these random stories and i'll be blogging something else soon. ( hopefully some more random stories!)

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