Saturday, 10 November 2012

The tiny hippo named Thingy.

There was once a young hippo.
His name was RFDGHUIFgfidgjfYGdv1779Vhgfc£%68658!@£$%^&*()R and it was too long to possibly pronounce, so we'll call him Thingy. he looked across the vast expanse of the world he called kitchen. (he was a very small hippo with wings) Suddenly, a dark shape blotted out his view. It was a giant! he ran across the land of table and into an open cave. He was safe! Or at least he thought this until the giants hand leaned in to the cave and grabbed him by the waist. He was carried the vast distance from the cave known as The cutlery drawer and into... The BIN! No! he cried. He wriggled, he jiggled, but it was no use. he just could not get free. he watched helplessly as he was carried to the BIN! Just as he was about to be dropped into the bin, a voice echoed from the place beyond. the giant stood up, put thingy on the land of table and strode off into the land beyond. Thingy wondered what could possibly be in the place beyond. Now, if he could just find a way to get there...

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