Saturday, 19 January 2013

The creep

Hey, i'd like to share a short story that I made myself.

He was often in the shadows, was the creep*. He never came out, and no-one ever went in. They didn't want to. Nobody knew who he was. Well, no person except me. But that's beside the point. I want to tell you about the time when he wasn't the creep, when he was popular and happy.

It was about ten years ago. He was swaggering about the playground with his bunch of cronies. They'd noticed someone with glasses and were picking on them. That made me mad. There is one thing you must never do when i'm around. That's make me mad. Then what does he go and do? Pushes me right over the edge. Stamps on the poor kid's glasses. Well, that did it. I went right up to him, pulled out the necklace I always wear, then asked him this:
"Do you know what this does?"
"Yes, you wear it around your neck and it makes you look pretty. Well, not you anyway."
There was a certain amount of sniggering at this.
"No, other than that."
"It shows what isn't your reflection. What really is true."
"What, your face is truly ugly? Never knew that. Not."
I started to mutter the enchantment. I didn't know what was going to happen, but I hoped he wouldn't turn into a deamon. Then i'd have real trouble on my hands.
"What are you doing, ugly? Are you going to try to turn me into a fr-"
Nothing happened, at least I thought this until his cronies started backing away. He looked fine from the front, but when I looked at his back, it just wasn't there. I knew it. He was a creep* ever since birth. He was just very good at not showing it.

*A creep is a creature made up of shadows and life. They are created when a shadow gets into a living thing, and causes the living thing to turn into a creep.**

**The whole story is of my invention, including creeps. The only place I got it from was my head.

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